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Buyers Guide

In our years as pool builders, we've learnt a thing or two about building a good pool. We're happy to share what we know with you.

Explore our most frequently asked questions below Didn't find the answers you were looking for? We're happy to answer your questions, contact us today.



  • What should I consider before getting a quote?
    While you don’t have to have the answers to these questions yet, it would be good to start thinking about them: How do I want to use my pool? I.e. Kids, lap swimming, enhancement, investment? What size, layout and placement do I prefer? We’d also recommend you explore online to find some style inspiration on Pinterest, Google Instagram etc. From this, you can identify the aspects of the pools you like.
  • What does the average pool cost?
    The cost of your pool will come down to the complexity and size of the design, site and soil conditions, as well as your finishings and equipment. As long as you have a realistic budget in mind, chances are good that we can design a pool to match it. Building a pool is one of the most significant home improvements you'll ever make and our aim is to ensure that you maximise your enjoyment and investment returns.
  • How much does it cost to run a pool?
    The cost of running a pool is contingent on a number of factors, such as its size, evaporation rates and any additions, such as heating and in-floor cleaning. The good news is that advances in technology have made today's pool equipment incredibly energy efficient.
  • What are the advantages of a concrete pool?
    Compared with fibreglass and vinyl liner pools, a concrete pool will provide you with much more design flexibility. A concrete pool can be fully-customised to suit your location and provides complete freedom when it comes to size, shape, depth and integrated features such as planters, fountains, spillways and surrounds. Concrete is also durable, low maintenance and consistent with high-quality design.
  • Which surface finish is better - aggregate or tile?
    Pebble/glass aggregate and tile are both attractive, durable interior finishes. Both will last for decades with very little need for maintenance. The choice will come down to your budget and personal taste.
  • I have limited room for machinery. Can I still have a concrete pool?
    Generally, yes. Sites where machinery access is impossible are rare. We do, however, regularly work on sites where machinery access is limited, in which case we use smaller equipment, such as Bobcats, during the excavation process.

Still have questions about the pool design & build process?

Contact us and a sales representative will be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your project and answer your questions.

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