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Our Difference

We build innovative, custom, complex landscapes and swimming pools that are distinctively different. From initial planning and design to the end product, every tiny detail demands passion, commitment and accuracy.


The Cascade Difference

Every Cascade Pool Includes

  • Thicker rebar 15-20 mm

  • Double rebar on all walls

  • Thicker concrete wall 10-12 inches (compared to 6-8 inches)

  • Wider excavation around perimeter,

  • Wider aggregate backfilling

  • Stainless steel fittings

  • 12 inch porcelain tiles along waterline

Why is a Cascade pool and landscape different? We've built quality into our business model and deliver pools built with a more robust construction standard than the average GTA pool company. Our strong links to major supply partners enables us to build better pools and landscapes that not only look great but last longer.

How do we build a better pool? The difference is in the details. It starts with stronger reinforcements. We use a thicker rebar and at times incorporate fibreglass rebar in sensitive areas, allowing us to accomplish custom pool shapes with a wide range of terrain. Add in extra strength and durability to pool walls through a thicker, double row of rebar and thicker concrete to achieve a superior pool - while still delivering great pricing.

Built by


Meet Cascade founders Kris Markowski and Sami Rafee and you will quickly understand why this extraordinary building team are the creative minds behind Cascade Pools & Landscapes. Long-time landscape designers and builders, Kris and Sami are passionate about bringing beauty and function to the architectural landscape of Toronto and it's surrounding suburbs.

pexels-uriel-mont-6280433 (1).jpg

We're passionate about building pools for our clients that reflect their aesthetic, lifestyle and their property's unique characteristics. Concrete is extremely versatile. We love to work with concrete because of the quality and visual appeal it delivers time and time again.

In-ground concrete pools offer maximum flexibility in terms of size, shape and location where other pool types (such as fibreglass) fall flat. This flexibility enables us to offer you a wide array of custom design options that will suit your home and landscape perfectly.

Concrete is Better

Pool Deck
& Patio

Whether you're looking for interlock, concrete, natural stone or composite/vinyl decking, you can count on our team for a flawless finish. We take the time to understand how you would like to use your space to accommodate your needs and suit your style.

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