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Landscape Services

Refine your yard with a suite of custom designed features that will suit both your lifestyle and your space.

Outdoor Elements

Refine your outdoor space with water, fire and lighting features. You can even take it another step further with automation. Let us show you how we can use the right combination of these elements to turn your backyard into the ultimate getaway, steps from your living room. Our passion to create spaces that bring families closer together drives us to work hard to make it all fit your budget.


Landscaping Services

The team at Cascade Pools & Landscapes specialize in interlock design and installation to provide you with the perfect surrounding for your pool and all your entertainment needs. Our specialized team can design and build everything from a dining and sitting area, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, water features, and surrounding gardens.

Hardscape & Construction

Pool Deck & Patio

Whether you are looking for interlock, concrete natural stone, or composite/vinyl deck or patio, you can count on our team for a flawless finish, attention to detail, unique design and industry leading warranty. When designing your backyard, we take the time to understand how you would like to utilize the space and even the type and size of the outdoor furniture you would like to use and so we can precisely design your patio to accommodate for all your needs and fit your style preference with a high level of attention to detail, safety and spatial design standards. When you hire Cascade Pool & Spa you are guaranteed a backyard where everything fits perfectly in its dedicated space and no regrets wishing you made the patio any bigger or smaller.

Outdoor Lighting

Create some drama with the beauty of light. Great lighting can change the look of anything and can transform your backyard oasis into a romantic getaway or a fun family adventure with the flick of a switch. Soft white lights against the gentle ripple of water is a great backdrop for your dinner for two, while the magic of colour can highlight the features of your backyard for the party of the season. For very little cost you can make your pool a space to enjoy well into the night and highlight the majestic beauty of your trees and elegant finishes of your stonework.

Water Features

Flowing water is a calming and peaceful sound that will make anything outside of your backyard oasis fade away, and adds a touch of nature to help you relax after a long day. A waterfall to swim beneath, laminar jets showcasing your own light and water show, or a gentle wall of rain to wash away any worries. Adding a water feature to your pool adds a personal touch making the look, the sound and the feel of your pool unique and perfectly suited to your taste and needs. They can be as much or as little as you like, and with such range, you’ll be sure to find something in your price range.

A backyard oasis can be a substantial investment, however it will be a big part of your lifestyle and we always make sure you can make the most out of it. Adding a fire feature will allow you to enjoy your backyard earlier and later in the season as well as providing you with a cosy sitting area for colder nights. In addition to the convenience of a fire feature, it will create an atmosphere where unforgettable memories are made all year long. Every Toronto backyard deserves a fire feature, and we have models and solutions for every budget.


Let the convenience of automation take care of your pool for you. Lights, water features, pump action, heat or any other feature your pool and backyard may have can all be controlled from inside your home, or with your cell phone. Have your backyard set up just the way you want it every time, all with the touch of a button.

Fire Features & Automation

Outdoor Kitchens

Take full advantage of your backyard and enjoy all its possibilities with an outdoor kitchen that will allow you to spend quality time with your friends and family while comfortably cooking an amazing meal. On a nice summer day never miss out on your party again being in the kitchen, bring your kitchen outside with the same quality and accessibility. Our range of options allows you to customize your outdoor kitchen to fit your lifestyle and conveniently give you access to everything you might need with versatile storage options, top of the line BBQ and appliances, a wine fridge, dishwasher or pizza oven. Your convenience and enjoyability are our priority.


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